Cozy cabin was custom-designed for reading

You all know my favorite thing to do when I need a minute of downtime is to read. That’s why the headline for this series of photos and article completely drew me in. Can you imagine having a place to escape to like this when it’s time to get lost in a book? Read on for your daydream break…



Cozy cabin was custom-designed for reading



The Bookworm Cabin is as cozy as its name suggests. Nestled into the woods 30 miles outside of Warsaw, Poland, the compact weekend home is custom-built for curling up with a book.

Entrepreneur Bartłomiej Kraciuk and interior designer Marta Puchalska-Kraciuk of Moszczyńska Puchalska design studio worked with POLE Architekci to design the cabin for the sole purpose of relaxing and reading. Its timber walls are lined with bookshelves, while its large windows bring in loads of natural light.

“I just loved staring at this landscape, but how long can you do that for?” said Puchalska-Kraciuk. “Maybe longer if you are indoors facing a big window, sitting on a comfy chair. Still, how long can you endure this? That’s when the idea to fill it with books came in.”

The house has an asymmetrical layout with a roof that slants upward into a peak. The bottom floor is home to a small kitchen and living room that feature a wood burning stove and walls of bookshelves filled with curated titles.

A stretch of windows opens out onto a spruce lined deck and gives a perfect view of the woods. Upstairs, there’s more room for books, while the bed is tucked under a slatted wood ceiling, the ideal place to lay around, book in hand, all day long.